Departmental Activities


Name of the Conf./ Seminar/ Workshop Date(s) A BRIEF REPORT
Seminar on “Entrepreneurship: Prospects and Challenges”,  Mr. Ravi Agarwal, Co-owner, Asteria August 5, 2019 View Report
Seminar on“Entrepreneurship: Prospects and Challenges”, Mr. Ravi Agarwal, Co-owner, Asteria March 27, 2018 View Report
Workshop on "Case Study witing", Dr. Mahesh Chandra Joshi, Professor, Poornima University, Jaipur January 23, 2018 View Report
One Day Seminar on "Hands - on- Experience in SAS", Mr. Himanshu Agarwal & Ms. Sonal Garg, Founder, Sheersha Learning Solutions, Jaipur MArch 29, 2017 View Report
 Name of the Conf./Seminar/Workshop Date(s) A BRIEF REPORT

Extension Activity - health ande dental awareness


20 February 2016 View Report

Industry Visit- Pink Square


26 February 2016 View Report

National Conference on Corporate Governance: New Paradigms


4th -5th march 2016 View Report

Industrial Visit to Neemrana, Gurgaon


15th-16th march 2016 View Report

Guest Lecture-“First Step towards Retail”


28th march 2016 View Report

Extension Activity- “Awareness Programme for Housewives on Food Safety and Hygiene in Kitchen Households”


29th march 2016

View Report

Guest Lecture - Current Trends in Marketing 27th September 2016 View Report

orientation UG PG sem 1,2015


22 july 2015

View Report

Workshop on Visual Merchandising 27 Jan 2012  

HR Conclave on Generation Y


23 September 2011

View Report

HR Conclave “Opportunities for Emerging Talent: Mapping and Meeting Industry’s Expectations” Oct 12-13, 2010  
Seminar on Emerging trends and challenges in management Feb 26, 2009  

Workshop on Concepts and Techniques of Evaluation & Measurement


Sept 20-21, 2008 View Report
1. INDUSTRIAL VISIT TO GURGOAN ,The IIS University 15-16 March 2016 View Report
2. Interactive Session on: School to Start-Ups A Big Leap with Ms. Shruti A. Challa 24 September 2013 View Report
3. Session on The Mumbai Dabbawalas 8 February 2013 View Report
4. Visit to Neemrana Industrial Area for two days 28-29 September 2012 View Report
5. Seminar on "Emerging Trends and Challenges in Management" 26 February 2009 View Report