Lecture on ‘Entrepreneurship: Prospects & Challenges’

The IIS University

Department of Management Studies

Seminar on ‘Entrepreneurship: Prospects & Challenges’

Date : 27 March, 2018, Time : 12:00 Noon – 1:00 pm

Participants : BBA

Venue : Vinayak (AV) Hall, The IIS University, Jaipur

Coordinators : Ms Isha Sharma Dr. Ashish Khandelwal

The Department of Management Studies, The IIS University, Jaipur, had organised a Seminar on ‘Entrepreneurship: Prospects & Challenges” held on 27nd March, 2018 for the students of BBA Semester.There wereabout 100 students participated in the Lecture. The Lecture was chaired by the resource person Ms. Ravi Agarwal,Co-owner, Asteria, Jaipur. He was felicitated and warmly welcomed with the floral greetings. The purpose of the Lecture was to provide an opportunity to the students to shape the students’ attitude, aptitude and instill confidence in them. On the day, Mr.Ravi discussed about the entrepreneurial skills. He introduced the different aspects of entrepreneurship and emphasized that zeal and great idea are the only ingredientsin a recipe for businessstart-up. He mentioned that the reason that people do not start their new ventures in a country like India is due to non-awareness amongst the population of India and decides to go for jobs in private or government sectors so as to minimize the risk. Therefore, he emphasised to raise the basic awareness of entrepreneurial concepts and to enable students to identify and learn how to make a mind-set to take up entrepreneurship as a challenging career.

Outcome: The Seminar was successful in promoting the employability and aptitude skills among students.The session was very interactive with the students. It helped the students in promoting knowledge of entrepreneurial skills. The lecture motivated the students to work hard and start a new venture through adequate forward planning and the execution of the plans. The session also included motivational videos which boosted up the students. The Workshop was fruitful for the students and faculty members. This was ended with honorarium to the guest and vote of thanks.

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