Departmental Orientation - 2023-24

The Department of Management Studies, IIS (Deemed to be University), Jaipur organised an Orientation Program for BBA, BBA Aviation Management & B.Voc students in Aditya Hall, IIS (Deemed to be University), Jaipur on 4th September, 2023. 77 students attended the event.

The session started with an informative Welcome speech by Prof. Deepika Singh, Director, School of Management. The speech was followed by a session by Dr. Shweta Kastiya, Head, Department of Management Studies (A), who introduced the new students with various aspects of the Department including the various courses offered by the Department, structure of the Programmes, timetable of their lectures, Assessment & Evaluation pattern, the dress code, teachers and the code of conduct. The importance of BBA including its career prospects & the concept of CBCS system was also discussed. Students were told about the extra-curricular activities in the University and Departmental Activities including guest lectures, workshops, excursion trips, exhibitions and extension activities. Students were highly motivated by seeing the Alumnae of the department who are placed well. After the session, various other activities were conducted.

An Ice Breaking Session was conducted by Dr. Chhavi Jain & Dr. Meha Saxena to make students aware about the different aspects of the University in a fun filled manner.

Next, A General Knowledge quiz was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Preeti Sharma and Dr. Neha Sarin. There was an active participation of all the students during the quiz.

The quiz was followed by Management games conducted by Dr. Neha Mathur, Dr. Amita Sharma and Dr. Akanksha Kumari. The aim of the games was to increase the attentiveness and show the importance of Effective Communication.

Thereafter, Prof. M.K. Sharma, Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Management blessed the upcoming batch with his motivational speech and wished good luck to the new batch.

The speech was followed by a concluding message given by Dr. Monica Singh, Additional Head of the Department.

To mark the end of the memorable session of the Departmental orientation 2023 - 24, the teachers and students were requested to get a group picture clicked. The orientation has been an informative, enriching, and mind stimulating event for the new students.