One Day workshop on ‘Case Study Writing’ on 23rd January, 2018 Department of Management Studies

The IIS University,Jaipur

Department of Management Studies

Workshop Report

Title: One Day Workshop on ‘Case Study Writing’

Date: 23rd January 2018     Time: 10:30 AM - 1:30 Pm

Participants: BBA Students            Venue: Aaditiya Hall, The IIS University, Jaipur

Coordinators: Dr. Preeti Sharma, Dr. Neha Sarin

A One day Workshop on Case Study Writing was organized by The Department of Management Studies, The IIS University, Jaipur, for the students of BBA. There were about 200 students who attended the session. The workshop was chaired by the resource person Dr. Mahesh Chandra Joshi, Professor, Poornima University, Jaipur. He was felicitated and warmly welcomed with the floral greetings. The purpose of the Workshop was to provide an opportunity to the students to explore the real-world functioning of organisations in context through case study writing and analysis. Case study is one of the pedagogy of teaching in which students and instructors participate in direct discussion.

The Workshop was divided into two important Sessions with an equal time allocated to both the sessions.

1st session: Methods and techniques of Case Study Writing,

2nd session: Case Study Discussion. In the first session,

Dr. Joshi discussed the history of the Case study method considering the Western and Indian ideologies of case study method from the ancient times. He highlighted the benefits of case studies in teaching, the types of case studies, scientific methods of case study, and parameters for preparing case study writing, use of case study method in decision making, guidelines for preparing case study analysis. In the second session, Dr. Joshi discussed two case studies with the students. Fifteen groups were created consist of 7-8 students in each group.

They discussed the cases internally and then the group leader gave a oral presentation of their analysis. Finally, Dr. Joshi taught the students how to get an insight on different managerial aspects in the case. He discussed the strategic dilemma present in the case. Students have come up with various solutions on the problems related to financial management, allocation of resources, human resource policies and business strategies.

Outcome: The workshop was successfully consummate as the motive of the event was sanctioned. The session was very interactive with the students. It helped the student in promoting team work, outer box thinking, developing visions The seminar was fruitful for the students and faculty members. This was ended with honorarium to the guest and vote of thanks.

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