Interactive Session on: School to Start-Ups A Big Leap with Ms. Shruti A. Challa

Chrysalis-e-cell of The IIS University, in association with Department of Management Studies and Dept of HR & IB organized an Interactive Session with Ms. Shruti Challa on 24th Sept. 2013.

Shruti Challa is an Indian-American serial entrepreneur and advisor. Shruti A.Challa has worked for a premier venture fund with investments in Facebook and Space X, been part of a core team acquired by groupon and recently started her third company with talent from IIIT/ IIT, Mentorzen. She is also an avid public speaker, classical Indian dancer, advisor for aspiring entrepreneurs and on the board of not- profits like Spark. She inspired students and budding entrepreneurs to take the dive into start–ups while also equipping them with practical strategies to get started and stay ahead of the curve . Shruti strongly believes that the right mentors helps one to make better decisions, and follow through. In her mind the most successful entrepreneurs are individuals who prioritize constant learning and evolution using their customers and mentors guide.

The talk emphasized on the need of prioritizing marketing and also valuing talent. The session was well received by the e –leaders, e-members and MBA and BBA students of the University. It was an enriching and learning experience for Faculty leaders and student e-leaders.