Seven Days National Workshop on “Emerging Online Business in India” Dec 2019

Start Date: 
Wednesday, 4 December 2019
Start Time: 
(All day)


Day 1: 4th December, 2019 Technical

Topic 1: The Impact of Fintech on Community Banks

Speaker: Mr. Nitin Saxena (Branch Manager, HDFC)

In this session, Mr. Nitin Saxena introduced participants to the latest FinTech developments in the banking sector. Participants learned how FinTech has transformed the traditional payment systems and got acquainted with un-conventional payment methods like Paytm, UPI, plastic money, NEFT, RTGS etc. Technical

Topic 2: The Impact of Fintech on Community Banks

Speaker: Mr. Nitin Saxena (Branch Manager, HDFC)

Mr. Shivang from HDFC demonstrated the usage of mobile/internet banking app and its features to the participants. Students learned how to operate online transactions over their phones on internet. The cyber risk associated with online transactions and the measures to overcome them were also discussed during this session.

Day 2: 5th December, 2019

Technical Topic 3: Investment Avenues, Stock Market Price Behaviour

Speaker: Dr. V.K. Gupta (Associate Professor, UOR, Jaipur)

In this session, Professor Dr. V.K. Gupta acquainted students with the various investment avenues available in the market like shares, debentures etc. The participants learned about difference between investment & saving and also about the factors, advantages and the risks associated with Investing in Share market. Technical

Topic 4: Portfolio Management: Risk and Return Analysis

Speaker: Dr. B.L. Gupta (Retired. Associate Professor, UOR, Jaipur)

Dr. B.L. Gupta enlightened the participants about the meaning of Portfolio in Capital market and its importance in the current scenario. He also discussed how to manage the portfolio and the approaches to maximizing its value. Participants learned about various unconventional investment sources like SLBs, Non convertible Debentures (NCDs) and Gold scheme Bonds.

Day 3: 06th December, 2019

Technical Topic 5: Opening of Demat Account and Online Trading

Speaker: Dr. V.K. Gupta (Associate Professor, UOR, Jaipur)

In this session, Dr. V.K. Gupta introduced students to the basics of Dematerialisation and Rematerialisation and their procedure. He demonstrated the students regarding the opening of Demat account and how to run it. Students also learned about the factors to be considered before selecting a stock to invest in.

Technical Topic 6: The Global Derivative Market: Introduction & Practical Aspect

Speaker: Dr. B.L. Gupta (Retired Associate Professor, UOR, Jaipur)

Dr. B.L. Gupta introduced participants to the world of Derivative Market. He discussed in length the various options available to investors like Forward, Future and Option and their mechanism of operation. Students were taught various Hedging strategies to manage the risk and maximize the returns in derivative market.

Day 4: Date: 7th December, 2019

Technical Topic 7: Income tax for beginners

Speaker: CA Rajeev Sogani (Founder Partner, R.Sogani and Associates)

Mr. R.Sogani introduced participants to the prevailing taxation system and tax laws in India. His team discussed in great length about various types of income that is taxed and how to calculate Net taxable income. Students also learned about various deductions and exemptions available to taxpayers under Income Tax laws.

Technical Topic 8: E Filing of various ITR’s

Speaker: CA Rajeev Sogani (Founder Partner, R.Sogani and Associates)

Ms. Shivangi from R.Sogani and associates demonstrated how to file online Income Tax Returns (ITRs) to the participants. Various types of ITR forms and the requirements to fill them were discussed in great detail. Students also practiced filing ITRs for individuals and business enterprises.

Day 5: Date: 8th December, 2019

Technical Topic 9: Global Scenario –GST a preferred tax structure

Speaker: CA Rajeev Sogani (Founder Partner, R.Sogani and Associates)

C.A. Keshav Gupta from R.Sogani & team introduced participants to the new tax called Goods and Service Tax (GST). He lined out the difference between old and new tax regimes in India and how GST has impacted businesses and professionals. Students also learned about various misconceptions regarding GST and the ways to deal with them.

Technical Topic 10: GST Implications: Gearing up for the change

Speaker: CA Rajeev Sogani (Founder Partner, R.Sogani and Associates)

In this session, Mr. Keshav demonstrated how to file GST returns for different kinds of assesses online. Various types of forms under GST and the audit and assessment procedure were discussed. Students practiced filing GST returns and invoicing under GST using the GST portal.

Day 6: Date: 9th December, 2019

Technical Topic 11: Digital Marketing Speaker: Mr. Deepak Choudhary (Director, Digi Learnings)

Mr. Deepak  Introduced students to the increasing business opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing. Participants learned about various avenues of online earning like Blogging, Vlogging, Affiliate marketing, YouTube channels, EBooks etc. They also got their queries solved regarding how to reach bigger audience to earn more profits and how to survive the online business market in long term.

Technical Topic 12: Cyber Crime Technical

Topic 12: Cyber Crime Technical Topic 12: Cyber Crime

Speaker: Shri R.K. Saxena (Retired Inspector General)

In this session Mr. Saxena informed participants about increasing probability of cyber crimes associated with developing internet technologies. He discussed the role of businesses, police and govt. Agencies in dealing with cyber crimes. Students also learned about the remedies available in dealing with cyber crimes under Information Technology Act in IPC.

Day 7: Date: 10th December, 2019

Technical Topic 13: Growth Opportunities in Hyper Competitive Environment.

Speaker: Mr. Diptamoy Goswami (Retired Vice President)

In this session, Mr. Diptamoy Goswami discussed growth opportunities available in hyper competitive business world today. He discussed the factors to be considered while venturing into business as well as various challenges involved. Participants were encouraged to pursue unconventional and innovative ideas and to build up a business around those ideas.

Technical Topic 14: Valedictory

In the valedictory session, prizes were awarded to the winners of the Quiz based on the workshop sessions. All the participants were awarded the certificate of completion. The Organising Secretaries of this workshop Dr. Neha Sarin (Department of Management) and CA Priya Jain (Department of Accounting and Taxation) presented their Vote of Thanks.

At the end, Workshop Director Professor M.K. Sharma congratulated the organising committee and the participants for the successful completion of the workshop.