Exhibition of Managerial Economics Models

Start Date: 
Saturday, 20 October 2018
Start Time: 
(All day)
Srijan Hall, IIS University, Jaipur



Exhibition on Managerial Economics Models

The Department of Management Studies, IIS University had organised an Exhibition on ‘Managerial Economics Models’ held on 20th October, 2018 by the students of BBA Semester First.

There were about 130 students participated in the Exhibition. The Exhibition was co-ordinated by Dr. Preeti Sharma, Sr. Asstt. Professor, IIS University, and Dr. Neha Sarin, Asstt. Professor, IIS University. The Exhibition was inaugurated by the honourable Dr. Ashok Gupta, Vice Chancellor, IIS University, Dr. Rakhi Gupta, Registrar, IIS University, and Prof. M. K. Sharma, Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Management, IIS University, Jaipur. They motivated all the participants with their words.

The Exhibition gave a platform to the students to shape their ideas and enhance learning on different subjects in Economics. The participants worked in teams and prepared Models and Charts for the Exhibition. There were 22 models exhibited on topics like Demonetisation, Circular flow of Income, Working of Banks, Flow of Money, Types of Markets, Law of Variable Proportion, Demand and Supply Relationships, and many others. All the Models were presented in varied manner by the students. The students’ models were judged by Prof. C.R. Bishnoi, Head, Department of Economics, IIS University, and Dr. Meenakshi Sharma, Head, Department of Financial Studies, IIS University. They appreciated the creativity, team work and efforts made by the students.They also appreciated the in-depth understanding of the concept and the oral presentation given by the students.

In the end, winners were declared by the Judges. The First position was awarded to the Team of Gayatri Sangtani, Garima Mathur, Harshita Maheshwari, Isha Agarwal and Isha Jain; and the Second Position was given to the Team of Aliza Farooq, Arushi Sharma, Mayanshi Chopra, Fiza Panwar, Shefali Jain and Rishika Nair. Certificates were awarded to all the winners and participants by Prof. M. K. Sharma, Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Management, IIS University.